Orbicide – Ex Falso Quodlibet


Orbicide is a Polish duo consisting of Jacek Bochenek (Vocals) and Adam Radziszewski (Music). Their music is extremely raw dark electro. Ex Falso Quodlibet EP (released in March 2013) is an interesting release mostly because it does not follow what is now considered a standard in dark electro scene. The band has its own style…

Viscera Drip – Abattoir


There is no doubt that the guy is a pro. The stuff he is doing is really sweet. Well, maybe not sweet. More like heavy, dark and depressing. Let us introduce Mr. J. A. Thiele from New Mexico, USA. What I like the most about Mr. Thiele’s music is its close affinity with disco music….

Dark Soul – Animal Human

Dark Soul - Animal Human cover

The second EP of Mexican Dark Soul (it actually could easily be an album) brings a very consistent dose of dark electronic sounds. When you say “Mexico” you probably think “Hocico”. There is something wrong with this country as it causes people to create seriously wicked music. Dark Soul is not an exception. You will…

H.Exe – Human Flesh Recipes


H.Exe is a well established band in dark electronic scene. They played numerous gigs and high level of energy during those gigs makes them grow like crazy. “Human Flesh Recipes” is their first album with full support of their guitar player Luke, who joined after their previous album (Killing Monsters) was released. Use of guitars…

Cold Therapy – Carnival of Lies


Cold Therapy is a brainchild of dark electronic musician Jacek Wolanski. He is no newcomer to the scene as his previous projects (Unsinn, Traumatize) gathered good following in their time. Carnival of Lies continues the less dancefloor-oriented path the project assumed at its beginning. The songs are slow and the emphasis is on atmosphere. While…